The German city of Bremen sits on the Weser River, and is to the northwest of the country. Famed for its museums, theatres, and the Brothers Grimm fairy tail of the Town Musicians, Bremen is also likely to ring a bell with beer lovers. As it proudly states on the front of each bottle, Beck’s is brewed under the purity laws of Germany in this fine city.

Seeing the Sights

Beck Brewery Bremen
Beck & Co Brewery in Bremen

For anyone visiting Bremen for leisure, I would recommend the Beck’s brewery museum. Although I say “recommend”, as is often the curse of the business traveller, I did not get to go myself. Working in the day time, I only got to walk around Bremen in the early morning. However, I could see the museum from the outside and it was interesting seeing the infrastructure that they use to unload the barley.

But, of course Bremen is more than great German beer. Bremen’s location, close to the North Sea has made it an historically important trading city. With this has come amazing architecture, much of which has been restored after the extensive 1944 bombing raids that destroyed many German cities.

Fantastic Buildings in Bremen

One of the great things about visiting a destination as a business traveller is that you often have the chance to stumble across interesting activities or areas of a city. Often I do not realise in advance that I am going to have an opportunity to look around, and therefore I have not done much research beforehand.

Böttcherstraße in Bremen

This trip to Bremen provided excitement as I came across Böttcherstraße, a short hidden away street in the history centre of Bremen. Walking from the market square down progressively narrower streets, suddenly a golden relief presents itself above a small archway. Walking through, I am presented with an interesting combination of pre-war and 19th century architecture forms. Rumour has it that Hitler himself did not not like this area of Bremen and wished for it to be destroyed. The local business leaders craftily distracted Hitler, bringing the conversation around to more general appreciations of architecture.

Where to Stay

Choosing hotel accommodation for a business trip can sometimes be a bit more of an art than a science, with a little luck thrown in. This business trip required a long drive out to the customer site, and I had a hotel on my return as they were no available flights leaving the same day. Having taken a look at the choice of hotels at the airport, I found it was cheaper to stay in the city centre, and selected the Ibis Bremen City. It was a good choice. The rooms were quiet and the restaurant / bar service good local food and beer.

Enjoying a Beck’s at the IBIS Bremen City

Additionally, the location was within easy walking distance across a beautiful park to the historic city centre. So, first thing in the morning I was able to take a look around and see some sights before driving to the airport.

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