When travelling I have to put all of my expenses on my personal American Express card. Although this may seem like a pain, it can actually work out quite well for both the company and myself. The company benefits by offloading the risk of spurious expense claims, and I get to receive loyalty points from my use of my own personal credit card.

Over the years I have tried different credit cards, but the one that I have found most beneficial for travel is the American Express (or Amex). I have now upgraded to the Platinum card. This is technically a charge card, so I have to pay off the full balance each month – however this is not a problem as the company I work for is very reliable in paying expense claims. Additionally, it is worth noting that the Platinum card is a fee paying card. It is only worth getting this card (and paying the fee of about £500 pa) if you are going to use a lot of the benefits that come with the card.

I will write another post about how I use the benefits to stay at airport lounges, get discounts off shopping, and experience exciting events. In today’s post, I would like to say thank you to Amex for their invitation to the American Express executive box and lounge at Brighton & Hove Albion football ground. For those who did not know (and I have to admit I was one of them), Brighton are a premiership football club in England.

Now, you may have guessed, I am not normally a football fan. I enjoy watching the occasional game, but I do not follow a team. The idea of spending a Saturday afternoon sitting in the cold does not really appeal to me. It was very nice however to attend this football match, with the comfort of a fully serviced lounge to backup the experience.

Plate Food at Amex Stadium
Plate Food at Amex Stadium

On arrival our special tickets were checked and we were directed to the Amex executive box in the south-east corner of the stadium. We were then treated to a free bar and a selection of very tasty “plate food” selections that were served by waiting staff.

As per the law in the UK, alcohol had to be removed when the game commenced. We then moved to allocated seating directly outside the executive box. The position of the seats was directly above the divide between home and away fans, so we got a great atmosphere. At half time, the bar was reopened and additional food was available.

Amex Stadium
My View

All in all, it was a great day out, and I really appreciated the gesture from American Express. I only had to pay for the transport to the venue, and everything else was completely free.

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