Hi, my name is Peter, and I have finally been persuaded to chronicle my adventures. Through my work in software and business management, and in my leisure time, I continue to be fortunate to travel and experience the many diverse cultures and beauty that this global world provides us. I invite you to take a look at this site, joining me in this adventure.

In a typical year, I will touchdown on at least three continents. No matter the primary reason for the travel (business or pleasure), I always make sure that I experience the local culture. Sometimes this could be the exotic excitement of eating in a hawker market in South East Asia, or it could be the more mundane shopping in a local supermarket in Europe (its amazing how interesting this can be in a foreign land).

Travelling for me started at a young age. I was taken on trips to Europe and the United States by my parents, eating snails and visiting mickey mouse :-). During my gap year, before university, I travelled in North and West Africa, negotiating minefields and armed militia. I am now in my 40s, and the experiences remain with me.

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